Ksenia Guseva


University of Vienna

Division of Terrestrial Ecosystem Research

Djerassiplatz 1

A-1030 Vienna


I am a physicist with interest in complex systems. The central goal of my research has been to develop a mechanistic understanding behind the emergent phenomena observed in biology. For that I use concepts of nonlinear dynamics and statistical mechanics and apply them to biological system, particularly to ecology.

From the start of my career I have developed a series of different models for processes ranging from the level of a single cell to large scale spatially resolved populations, and have analysed systems from marine and terrestrial environments.

I am currently working at the Centre for Microbiology and Environmental Systems Science in the Division of Terrestrial Ecosystem Research as a Postdoc. My research focus is microbial ecology of soil, with emphasis on modeling and inferring microbial interactions.

  • My main ongoing research projects are:
    • Co-occurrence network (construction and analysis)
    • Depolymerization dynamics and trade-off in enzyme production